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The Islamic Art in the Contemporary world

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The Islamic Art in the Contemporary world

Islamic art and its role in communication between different peoples of the contemporary world:


The architectural art is a means of expressing the concept of privacy and at the same time, it is able to create a broad imagination by refining the talents of the Muslim artist and others to increase imagination, inspiration, and innovation. The Islamic Art in the Contemporary world is obvious by the architectural artist is better able to communicate with the other. He plays a great role in creating an artistic and cultural dialogue with other peoples Based on a number of artistic creations that highlight the true face of his civilization.

Through the Hellenistic civilization, which extended from Western Europe through Andalusia to India and China, Islamic civilization was derived from its origin and identity. The architecture was a pot of civilization to combine sculpture, painting, calligraphy, and decoration.

Islamic civilization has a great role in progress, progress and communication with peoples and civilizations through the image of that effect, which is Islamic art.

Art is the basis for the formation of ideas and the refinement of the culture of the individual and society and openness to the other. In addition to the Islamic art in the Middle Age interaction and communication between peoples and rulers and Western artists, the Islamic art a contemporary impression in this time and through what we see from the obvious impact of Islamic art in some Works of art and mention of them…

Islamic Museum Australia

Islamic Museum Australia                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by “”

It is said that the Indonesian Makassar traders are the first to deal with the indigenous people of Australia, influenced by their language, customs and arts with them when the trade between them before the arrival of the Europeans, and the Camel’s story is a testament to this…

Nowadays, In the context of the knowledge of art to enhance the profile of Australian artists emerging, the Museum of Islamic Art was established in Australia to be an incubator of their works of art and communication among the civilizations.



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