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Islamic ornaments in Alhambra

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Islamic ornaments in Alhambra

Islamic ornaments in Alhambra

The Islamic ornament in Alhambra took on distinctive features that had an amazing effect in highlighting the cultural look of the Islamic Arts and flourished to an excessive hight degree, each by way of design and route or by way of its themes and strategies.

The Muslim technicians used ornamental traces of nice look and composition and made ornamental collections of fashions by which their creativeness went to infinity And the formation of Arab polygons and the types of securitization, and the types of Arab exposition, which was referred to as the Arabesque, and this Arab sample within the ornament has been a priority in lots of nations since midday And within the Al-Azhar mosque, in the midst of the fourth century AH (10th century AD).


The individuals of Islamic architectural ornament skillfully utilized the work of flat and hole sculpture to wooden, stones, or marble, and bowled in the usage of colored supplies and inscriptions. The Islamic ornaments in Alhambra are Plant components, in addition to geometrical components, are important elements within the creation of this artwork, cooperating with one another at occasions, and each is exclusive at occasions. Thus, there are two sorts of ornament: vegetal ornament and geometric ornament of the Islamic ornaments in Alhambra.

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